Workshop in Vienna

Workshop in Vienna

Thursday and Friday this week, seven countries attended a workshop in Vienna. The purpose of the invitation from the Austrian VDÖ was the desire to gather those who organize or represent “non-clinical” candidates.

In common, the following points were discussed:

  • Work and responsibilities, as well as frameworks, for those with “non-clinical” bachelor and/or master’s degrees or more in nutrition
  • Quality requirements for a desired European approval/certification scheme for “non-clinical” candidates
  • Use of nutrition titles and certifications
  • How to create better opportunities for exchanges in Europe

There was a common understanding that the breadth of academic nutrition competence does not come through well enough in some of the countries represented here. There was a desire to establish a European association to promote primarily non-clinical studies in nutrition. NEFF has made it clear that we will support such a cooperation, as well as contributing to the establishment and implementation of this should it become a reality.

All in all, we have had two nice and educational days in Vienna with European colleagues. It was a knowledgeable, committed and ambitious assembly. Today we travel home with motivation and, last but not least, inspiration, to continue further targeted work for our members.

Michaela Getz & Caroline Mydland


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